The Windup Girl

The Windup Girl - Paolo Bacigalupi I am usually skeptical of strong recommendations for science fiction. It is easy to make it enjoyable, but tough to make it fresh, even breathtaking. Neal Stephensons come along so seldom! But this book is really quite great. Set in post-Contraction Thailand, it has a linguistic deftness and a few stunning characters, not least of which is The Windup Girl herself, closely followed by Hock Sen. Surprises abound even unto the last few pages. And the epic setting of calorie wars and the pressures of re-globalization are intelligent and, well, it is hard to say this exactly, but it is plausible in a theoretical sort of way.

And, if I can't love a book based on two basic premises -All is Change; All is Suffering - I wouldn't recognize myself.