Monsters of Men: Chaos Walking: Book Three - Patrick Ness Overall, I was very impressed by the series! Unafraid to kill characters in interesting and even profound ways, Ness also develops some interesting ideas via the Noise, especially the idea that the Noise is Information - thus making the book especially contemporary as an analysis of a mediated or information-based society. I think that many of us are wondering how we can "control" our Noise, and the Noise around us. The gender dynamics are a little rigid, and some of the plot devices are a bit hyperbolic - the hero is always "just missed" while others die in droves around her/him; bones knit almost instantly, as miracle cures abound and perfect weapons are always at hand.

And while the pace is relentless, making it easy to read in a sitting or two, I really enjoyed the introduction of the Sky and the Return in this concluding volume.