The Year of the Flood (MaddAddam #2) - Margaret Atwood I both love this book and have a certain ambivalence. Of course, the revelation at the end of Oryx and Crake - that there are other people - is resolved, but I have never been sure that I am especially happy that there are other people other than Jimmy. But, I do admit that if there have to be other people, I like that Toby and Ren are among them, even if they are not quite as creatively drawn as Jimmy and Crake.

If there's anyone that I do really like, though, it is Adam One. After a while, his sermons really start to grow on you. Atwood is obviously a bit didactic in these books, but I forgive that because she is also so funny with the language of the Corps, the genesplice creatures, and all the products.

Now, why she thinks that rakunks, Crakers, and spray guns are "speculative" (I.e. "reality" in Atwood's view) as opposed to "science" fiction is really so nonsensical and totally beyond me. And calling it "social science fiction" is no better. Ultimately, let's just call it a really fun romp through a really interesting future mixed with some neo-pagan environmentalism, and then read The Road if we really want to get a sense of just how gray, gray, gray the end of the world must be.